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All players ages 3-9 will start here.  We offer Intro to Tennis, Beginners & Beginners II! This is where players learn the basics of the game, building their foundation in tennis and start working on consistency!

Players ages 10+ who want to learn a skill for life but not necessarily compete or play more seriously will train here.  Players should expect to work on match strategy, serving & fitness.  We keep things light and fun but the training stays serious!

Children ages 7-11 with 3+ years of formal training and established foundational skills are encouraged to try out for out competition track teams.  These players should be looking for more serious competition, matches and wanting to take their tennis to the next level.  This is the main pathway to high performance.

Players ages 11+ who have 5+ years formal training and are actively competing in USTA/UTR events are eligible to train with us here.  We offer two distinct levels of training, meaning there is a program that will be right for each player.  Players should expect technical drills, match play, tennis IQ, serving work & fitness.

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