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Some of our most frequently asked questions & their answers!

1. What size racket I purchase for my child? A: We recommend using the sizing guide below. It's not a good idea to size up a racket for a beginner hoping for it to last longer, a racket that is too heavy for a small child could be discouraging and cause unnecessary frustration.

2. What does my child need for his/her first lesson? A: A racket, comfortable clothing that they can easily run in, closed toe sneakers, water and a hat/visor/sunglasses if the child tends to be sun-sensitive. We provide balls and all other accessories needed to play!

3. Could we borrow a racket for our first lesson? A: Yes! We have a few rackets on hand for our new players. Please email fortmyerstennis@gmail.com to ensure we have one available for your lesson.

4. How long is the lesson? A: Intro to Tennis for children aged 3-5 is 45 minutes long, all other lessons are 1 hour.

5. Do the kids play tournaments? A: Currently, we do not offer tournament play. When children are just beginning to learn this highly technical game, we do not feel tournament play contributes greatly to the overall enjoyment of tennis, and thus we do not encourage it until children are older and/or more established players.

6. Do you offer private/group lessons for adults? A: We do not offer private or group lessons for adults, but we do highly recommend you book a private/group lesson with one of the experienced coaches of the Fort Myers Racquet Club.

7. Does my child need a racket for Intro to Tennis? A: Nope! We do not use rackets in Intro to Tennis as having and using a racket is a very big responsibility! We ensure the safety of our smallest players by making sure we only use rackets when we are good and ready, usually around age 5, but sometimes slightly sooner or later, depending on the child. (That being said, most of our Intro to Tennis friends like to bring their rackets to practice, please don't discourage that! We simply put our rackets down at the start of class, and pick them back up again at the end.)

8. What level is my Juniors aged player? A: We can really only comment on that after seeing your child hit a ball. That being said, generally speaking, if they have taken a few lessons previously, and hit a ball around a few times, they are most likely Beginners. If, alternatively, they have been playing consistently for a year or more, or have participated on a school tennis team, they are most likely Intermediate Level players.

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