• Sarah Jacobs

Building Hand-Eye Coordination in Developing Players

Tennis players of any age can benefit from improving their hand-eye coordination. Here are five fun and easy ways to build hand-eye coordination in both children and adults!

1. Using your tennis racket, gently bounce a tennis ball to the ground and "dribble" it with your racket. As your control improves, see if you can stand in just one area to dribble your tennis ball. Try to dribble the ball for 10, 20, 30+ bounces in a row. Record your results and try to beat them.

2. Bounce and catch with a friend: Standing a five to ten feet apart, face your friend and bounce a ball on the ground in between the two of you. If the distance is too wide to have good control of the ball, move closer together. If you can bounce and catch easily, add movement to the drill by shuffling together one way and then another.

3. Play catch: with any ball in any situation, this is always a good way to improve hand-eye coordination.

4. Jump Rope: This is good for hand-eye coordination and also conditioning, both of which are crucial for success in tennis. Test yourself to see how many jumps you can do in one minute. Rest a minute, then try again to beat your previous number of jumps.

5. Practice against a back board: Here in Fort Myers, we have a few back boards in our area: Three Oaks Park & Veterans Park both have back boards. Hitting against a backboard for practice is much harder than it looks. You need control, conditioning and excellent hand-eye coordination to do it well. Don't have the time to drive to a park to hit against a back board? No problem, any outdoor wall works just as well, try: your garage door or an exterior concrete wall at home.


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