Racquet Spinning

Have you noticed that your child has been learning how to spin their racquets while waiting in the ready position? No, we don't mean throwing them up in the air and catching them - we discourage that. We mean spinning the racket in their hands, while waiting for an incoming ball from an opponent or feed from the coach. All throughout the months of March & April we will be focusing on this unique skill. I asked Coach Mike to explain why this is an important thing for developing tennis players to learn, and this is what he had to say:

Spinning the racquet in one’s hand, while waiting in the ready position. perks: #1 - promotes dexterity in one’s wrist (increases the range of motion). #2 - increases the individual’s finger and overall hand strength (develops and build’s muscle memory for making necessary grip changes). #3 - improves forearm muscle strength while twisting left to right and right to left.  This same range of motion is paramount when developing the fundamentals of hitting an effective serve, in addition to all other ground strokes. If we do not engage our muscles and allow our joints/limbs to whip around without any form of control, the risk of injury increases exponentially.

To summarize, racquet spinning works on grip strength, forearm strength, range of motion as well as hand eye coordination - not to mention looking completely rad while doing it.

At the end of April we will be asking all of our students ages 6+ to demonstrate their racket spinning technique to us in class. It will be a good benchmark for us to be able to tell how their grip and forearm strength is progressing over this period. Please encourage your children to work on their racket spinning while in the ready position at home or on the courts!


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